Jamaican Souvenirs

Ocho Rios is one of the best places to buy Jamaican souvenirs for your loved ones. Main Street is the main shopping area in Ocho Rios. There are a number of shopping malls along this stretch of road.

You have Island Village shopping Center which has a large number of duty-free stores, music cd stores, clothing stores and a coffee café where you can buy authentic Jamaican Coffee.

A few other shopping areas are Sonis Plaza, Taj Mahal and Harbour Shopping Center. There is also a craft village in Ocho Rios.

Most of these stores tend to sell the same items and sometimes they are a bit overpriced so be prepared to bargain. We know it can be hard to pick a truly Jamaican gift so here are a few suggestions about the best souvenirs from Jamaica:

Here is our list of the Best Jamaican souvenirs

Jamaican Souvenirs - Blue Mountain Coffee

Blue Mountain Coffee

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is known as one of the best coffees in the world. A few good places to buy coffee are the Island Coffee Café in the Island Village shopping center.

Other good brands of Blue Mountain Coffee are Old Tavern Estate and Amber Estate Blue Mountain Coffee. Blue Mountain coffee is one of the most popular souvenirs in Jamaica

Jamaican Souvenirs - Jamaican Sweets

Reggae Carmella Jamaican Sweets

If you are looking for a beautifully packaged Jamaican sweet box this product is ideal. You will find traditional Jamaican sweets such as tamarind balls, gizzadas and peanut brittle.

You can learn more about Reggae Carmella Jamaican Sweets here.. If you are in Ocho Rios you can purchase this treat at General Foods Supermarkets.

Jamaican Souvenirs - Jamaican Art

Jamaican Craft items and Jamaican Jewellery from Harmony Hall

Are you buying a gift for an art aficionado? A good place to pick up craft items and paintings from local artists is at Harmony Hall. It is in the same complex as the Toscanini Restaurant.

Jamaican Souvenirs - Jamaican Sauces

Jerk Sauces, Jellies and Hot Sauces

Jamaica is known as the home of Jerk. If you want to replicate the taste of the chicken and pork at Scotchies Jerk Center in Ocho Rios when you return home why not get some authentic jerk seasoning. One of the most well-known brands is Walkerswood Jerk Seasoning. You can buy this in the supermarkets for the best price.

Another product is Eatons brand. A personal favourite of ours is the guava jelly and the mango jelly. Another very high-quality sauce is the Pickapeppa Sauces. These sauces have been part of Jamaican cooking since 1921. Pickapeppa sauces have that special blend of spices and seasonings that bring out that Island flavour. These sauces are readily available in supermarkets island wide.

Jamaican Souvenirs - Jamaican Liquor

Jamaican Liquor

One of the most popular Jamaican brands of liquor are Appleton Rum. Why not bring back some premium Jamaican Rum for a loved one.

Jamaican Souvenirs - Jamaican Aromatherapy Products

Starfish Oils

Starfish oils is a Jamaican owned company that specializes in aromatherapy products. They offer candles, aromatherapy oils, bath items and gift sets all with a Caribbean flair. One of our favourite products is the Blue Mountain Coffee Candles.

These are just a few ideas for some cool Jamaican souvenirs. Hopefully, we have provided a few ideas of things to buy in Jamaica on your next trip. Of course, the most precious souvenirs or Jamaican gifts you can take back with you are all the precious memories, the hundreds of photos and your new Jamaican friends.

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