Taste of Jamaica Beach Cook Out Tour

Jamaican Cooking Tour
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About the Taste of Jamaica Beach Cook Out Tour
With this Authentic Taste of Jamaica Tour you will experience a unique side of Jamaica where you will seldom see other visitors.

You go up through this magnificent rainforest and travel along the picturesque route through several local communities where local farmers produce several crops including yams, sweet potatoes, hot peppers, vegetables and several unique fruits. The good part about this tour is that you’ll be able to taste most of these fruits along with our local Red Stripe beer and the famous Jamaica’s Jerk Chicken.

Your experienced guide will take you to a coffee plantation where you will get a first-hand view of the coffee plants and it’s berries. Here you will also be served freshly brewed Blue Coffee by your guide.

You will then be taken to a breathtaking location, which is over two thousand ft. (2000) above sea level. This location is where you can take beautiful pictures of the coastline with the gorgeous Caribbean Sea and the shoreline of Jamaica in the background.

After which you will travel down Spice Mountain to the Beach where you will partake in the cooking of the Jamaican Jerk Chicken, have a Red Stripe Beer/Rum Punch enjoy the Beach and be Irie amongst the people.

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